At Arcas Bear we believe in the sustainable development of the planet and we work hard to preserve natural resources, respect human and animal rights, we do this following the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, we believe that a better world depends on our attitudes. If all companies do their part with a more sustainable mindset and work consciously on what each UN objective represents, we will be building a better world.



Arcar bear uses very strict production practices to preserve water, our water footprint is practically null, since we do not use water in any stage of the production of our products. We also use water bottles as one of the materials in our sneakers, helping to prevent pollution of the seas and preserving the life of marine biodiversity.



Our sneakers are made mostly of recycled, recyclable and natural materials, we are proud to leave a positive impact on the planet. With our practice of  design thinking and circular economy, we make this a reality. So, We chose to use our materials wisely, not generating waste and not harming the environment.


We are more than just a brand of clothing and fashion products, we believe that sustainability is a social cause that should be more shared and debated, that's why Arcas Bear fulfills the social role of bringing information to everyone through our products, social media and school projects, teaching everyone the importance of having an eco-conscious mentality and rethinking our habits, we want everyone to ask themselves what impact we have caused on the planet.




Arcas bear respects all forms of life in the same way. Everything and everyone that is part of the life cycle has huge importance for the environment. That is why we are a TOTALLY cruelty free brand. In addition to not practicing any direct animal testing or cruelty, we still value and work to preserve the habitats of millions of animals, the environment. 



We are very proud to be able to say that our biggest giveback is education. Arcas Bear brings information about circular economy, sustainability and design thinking  to schools. This way we help to educate the future generation ecologically, so that they can continue the beautiful work we started, fighting for the preservation of the planet.

In addition we have as a giveback the reforestation and air purification, each pair of sneakers sold we planted two trees.


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